My most recent obsession is with do-it-yourself wall art. Living in shoebox-sized dorms with whitewashed walls can really stifle your creativity in a time in your life in which you need it most.

Wall Art
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I cannot stress enough how important color and life is for making a cramped space feel like home. That’s why I’m sharing with you a few DIY ideas to splash a little of yourself into your space.


Vintage Frames



A touch of vintage inspiration gives your space a little bit of character, and it doesn’t hurt the newfound college budget to save a few dollars in the process. I like to scour thrift stores and antique stores for simple pieces like this vintage frame, which I’ve used to decorate mine and my roommate’s cleaning schedule – something I HIGHLY recommend doing as well. It helps to keep you on task and break up the workload into something manageable that doesn’t drain a whole Sunday afternoon.


 Graphic Art Pieces


Although it’s a lot more fun to make your own, graphic art canvases are a great way to add interest and personality to a drab dorm room. Find something that speaks to you, or get creative and paint your own. Mine is a constant reminder not to take life too seriously, and reminds me of one of my favorite places to go and relax.

Photo Art



This one has been trending all over Pinterest. Photos are a great way to celebrate happy memories and the loved ones you’ll miss while away at college. And rather than spending a fortune on frames, why not collage them to create something more interesting? I used this heart, full of family and friends, to represent everyone in my life that makes me feel full and whole. It’s a great way to focus myself on appreciating what I have, and it gives my friends and classmates that walk into my room a taste of who I am.


Functional Pieces



With dorms being sized the way they are, and being crammed full of adults, every bit of space counts. Sometimes the best art is art that serves multiple purposes. Whether it’s canvas art that conceals your valuable jewelry behind, or a decorative fabric utensil holder, it will dazzle your dorm and have coveted function as well. Here, my roommate and I took an extra frame and created a custom key holder. Now we never have to worry about locking each other out of the room, or losing our keys in the closet abyss!


How do you decorate your space? Which of the tips above are your favorites? Comment and let us know!

– Your Loyal Collegiette