About Me


I’m Kate, the girl behind Collegiette by Day, about to serve you the deets about me!  I just finished my first year at University of Wisconsin- Stout, studying Professional Communication and Emerging Media, with a concentration in Applied Journalism. I’m also minoring in Speech Communication. (Say that three times fast!)  My favorite things include playing with my nutty pups, swing dancing, drooling over my sweet lover Channing (I mean, COME ON: his abs are so sharp you could grate cheese on them!), interior decorating/DIY, blogging – okay, do I really have to go on?  Point is, I like lots of things.



Now logically, you might be asking yourself, with so many likes, what does Kate dislike?  Believe me.  I have PLENTY of those to go around too.  I’m opinionated.  It’s what I do.  First of all, my greatest fears are heights, bugs, fast speeds (I’m allergic to adrenaline, I swear.), mascots . . . and pencils.  Yes, pencils, feared by a journalism major.  Laugh all you want; they’re like nails on a chalkboard TIMES TEN to me.  And since my list of pet peeves is a mile long, here’s a graphic to give you the top 3.



And Now, What You Really Care to Know

I’m going to be honest with you; I finished my first semester of college with a 1.93 GPA and more problems than when I started. The harsh reality is that college is an entirely different ball game than high school. There’s a definite learning curve to entering your first semester of college, and too many pins and resources out there to filter into a plan that works for you.

My Blog Mission:

I write about college tips and life musings in order to help high school and college students come to terms with their imperfections and find success in the life they’ve been given.  I do this because I love being able to channel my struggles into something that benefits others.

By no means, do I claim to have it all figured out. But I think that confession alone makes me perfectly qualified to give advice to all of my readers. I see too many blogs and websites written by people that have it all set in stone. Quite frankly, I find this defeating, and often times their tips don’t work for the brooding, disorganized-chaos type like myself.

This was the inspiration behind Collegiette By Day. I wanted to create a blog for the people that produce more results learning from their mistakes than by reading tips from another. My advice is not catered to perfectionists, but to those that desire to find themselves in the journey instead of the destination. I’m still learning what works for me. There are no hard-lined rules – just good, old-fashioned trial-and-error. “Collegiette By Day . . . not necessarily Heroine By Night.” Hey, I’m only human.


It is my goal to make this blog into something real. I want to offer advice and lessons learned about anything from college to career, as I’m going through it. Please subscribe if you’re ready to take the journey with me!

Your Loyal Collegiette,

Kate Travis