Most of you have noticed I haven’t exactly been pooping out content this summer.  I began the summer with a lot of momentum and fizzled out.  Sure, I’ve posted a couple of links to articles by others on my social pages, but I’ve missed out on a lot of good opportunities for college posts this past month.  I’ve been, what I call,creatively constipated.  Although some people refer to it as writer’s block, it applies to more than just writing.



I call myself a creative spirit.  I’ve been called wishy-washy and inconsistent my whole life.  I move on from ideas faster than I move on from my outfits.  I begin so many of my endeavors with such a large amount of passion that by the time I should be following through, I’ve exhausted myself.  That’s something that parents, teachers, and any people of authority in my life tend to observe quite a lot, and then I wonder why they don’t jump on board with both feet when I present another whirlwind idea.  Quite honestly, I don’t blame them.

The truth is, anybody can come up with 100 reasons not to follow through and work to be successful.  It’s not something creative spirits alone are plagued with.  In the past I’ve just allowed myself to give up on my plans and goals, claiming that creativity blocks are just a part of what makes me who I am.  But I’ve decided creative constipation is not going to be my excuse any longer.  And I’m making this article my living promise.

So what are my steps to living with writer’s block – or creative constipation?

To-Do Lists Versus Calendars

I cannot poop on command.  Setting up a concrete editorial calendar doesn’t work if you find yourself unable to think in an innovative way at the time you’re supposed to plunk out a blog post.  Instead of telling myself that I’m going to publish articles on Monday and Wednesday at three in the afternoon, I’ll create a goal, detailing that I plan on having two articles fully brainstormed and in the drafts by Friday afternoon, so I can touch them up and have them ready to go for the next week.  This way, I can write down ideas as they come, and take the time to organize and polish my thoughts.

Starting with One Push-up

A lot of times I find it hard to get up and work.  Publishing a whole article can seem like a hefty task when you’re fishing for excuses to be lazy.  I’ll tell myself, it’s too dark out to take decent pictures, or I just need to wait for such-and-such’s opinion before I’ll know what I want to write about.  Yep, writer’s block is a vicious cycle.  Somebody told me that finding the motivation to do a whole workout is difficult, but if you agree to do one push-up, you’ll probably feel like more isn’t such a hard task.  I’ll follow suit with productivity in my homework and in my posting to make sure that I can get started.

Embracing Failures

When you have incredible blogging figures out there in the media, it’s hard to feel like you’re good enough to get to where they are.  Your articles are never phrased exactly right or your pictures look unprofessional.  Part of being motivated is understanding that failure is a possibility.  But it’s important to understand that it only makes you human.  And this can be a very attractive quality for any public figure/blogger.

There you have it!  My battle with creative constipation ensues!  How do you deal with writer’s block?  Comment below!