So Singles Week was coming to a close, and I realized I was having too much fun to just let it go!  (I sure hope you are too!)  As a bonus post, I thought to myself, what could be more incredible than sharing the success of this single lady?

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Since we’re all for celebrating ourselves here at CBD, I thought I’d share with you guys this fabulous book written by a friend of mine from UW-Stout.  Stacey Springob saw all of her friends jumping in and out of relationships like they were playing leap frog.  They claimed they knew it all from their lengthy experience, and tried to set her up and fix her many times over.  One day, she decided she’d had enough.  She said, “Hell, no!” to belittling herself for not having found the right guy, and took all of her “relationship failures” and turned them into a sensational single success story!


The Author. Ain’t she beautiful? 🙂

At the ripe age of nineteen, this girl set out to do the impossible.  She was going to write a book about all those things that being single had taught her.  And sure enough, she nailed it!  What I’ve Learned From Never Having a Boyfriend is a witty, humorous and engaging book sharing many eye-opening observations she’s made over the years of being diagnosed as chronically single.  She covers a wide range of topics, between the difference between a relationship and a thing, and what she’s been able to learn about herself without a man.



Just think: If Miss Stacey Springob was able to write her first book, travel to both coasts of the country learning to do what she loves, and achieve her dream of working in broadcast TV . . . what could you accomplish without a man by your side?  I think it might be worth the thought!

I truly recommend this book to anyone that’s struggling to accept their single prognosis, or even people in relationships that enjoy an outside perspective.  Stacey brings to life many lessons and observations I wouldn’t have even considered before I met her!  It’s an easy read, it’s super relatable, and it’s highly entertaining.   Below is a link to purchase your copy!  It’s available in paperback format and for Kindle, and it makes a perfect gift for any impressionable teen!

What I’ve Learned From Never Having a Boyfriend

***Disclosure: I am contracted with the Amazon Affiliates for the product advertised in this post; however, all opinions expressed within this post are solely my own, and I truly believe in the value of this product.