Hey guys!

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been crazy busy interning and working, but that’s all about to change!  This week is singles’ week here at CBD, and I have a line up of three posts that I’m going to share with you in honor of it!

So all of you single pringles out there – and possibly you concerned parental units:




After my break up with Jamie, I tried any number of dating sites and apps in the hopes that I’d find a reason to feel good riddance.  (For the record, I don’t recommend this route.  Good girl friends and many rounds of apple smashing are the best plan of action, there!)  And while I have met a few good friends while in pursuit of something more, I’ve come across more than my fair share of bad experiences because of it as well.

Whether you’re looking for your mister right or just looking to meet new people, dating apps can be a great way to extend your reach and breech your comfort zone, but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to be SAFE!  While there are some quality apps and sites out there, they come with many lurking evils as well.  It’s important to do your research and know exactly what you’re getting into before you sign up.

In a lucrative effort of finding out for myself and for you which networks work and which should get the boot, I did the dirty work for you and tested each one out for myself.  So prepare for the harsh reality,  the ultimate lowdown on the down-low, the truth amongst the lies – your safe online dating app reviews.




Expertise: Hook-ups

Safe: No

Rating: 3 Stars

Price: None (Premium Membership Available)

Tinder sort of operates as the Mecca of college-age hookups.  The company describes the app as “a fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you.” With that in mind, does it serve the purpose? Yes.  Are they the kind of connections you’re looking for? Possibly, but the risk is high.  Tinder’s discovery preferences allow you to search for guys or girls of a certain age range within a certain radius of miles.  There aren’t too many measures in place to protect its users, as all you need to be able to access the app is a Facebook profile, which as we all know, doesn’t take much. Any photos from your phone or Facebook can be used, and they aren’t verified so you’ll never know for sure if what you’re seeing is for real.  I’ve met total jerks through this app, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve met genuinely good guys with no intentions to hook up at all.  As long as you protect yourself, and don’t give out any personal information, this app is okay.  Just take the bad with the good, and be prepared to deal with the worst.




Expertise: Dating

Safe: Yes

Rating: 2 Stars

Price: $19.99/mo for 6 months

I tried this one after my aunt suggested it was a much more legitimate option for finding people than Tinder.  And sure, that’s what the TV commercials tell you, and they have SO many success stories.  So I gave it a go.  I purchased a month long membership membership at the hefty price of $35.99 to see what it got me.  At first glance, it’s not bad.  All of your photos are authorized and validated by the company before going public, as with any free responses included in your profile.  Match takes in a lot more information about you that is important to know when assessing the potential of a relationship, like your religious status and whether you smoke or drink regularly.  So is it legitimate? Yes.  Should it be used by college students? Probably not.  More than anything, I had divorced men or 30-yr-old anti-socials pursuing me, and they weren’t very respectful of my polite discomfort of the age difference.  Over all, maybe if I’m forty and still looking, I’ll revisit the idea, but it’s definitely not age appropriate for the time being.

Date My School

Date My School Profile

Expertise: Unknown

Safe: Unsure

Rating: 2 Stars

Price: $19.99/mo for 3 months

I found this one through research online.  I thought it might be legitimate, seeing as you have to have a .edu email address in order to register for the site.  Date My School offers prompts to answer in your bio, to help users get to know you, and you can answer survey questions to develop your bio further.  You can add a multitude of photos, and they collect a lot of the same information as Match, just without the verification.  The design is clean and easy to navigate.  The idea behind it is to eliminate fakes, by only allowing college students and alumni into the system.  Overall, there seems to be a lack in active presence on the site as far as I can tell.  Many of the members I even had conversations with were too far away to hold interest.  But most people that had profiles in the area weren’t active for days, and didn’t respond to messages.  I think this site could have potential for growth, if they could attract more members.

Coffee Meets Bagel



Expertise: Dating/Networking

Safe: Yes

Rating: 4 Stars

Price: None (Optional Purchase of Beans)

Coffee Meets Bagel is like the less overwhelming and relaxed version of Tinder.  Every day at noon, the app sends you one profile, consisting of a few pics, mutual friends through Facebook, their age and location, and their education and interests.  Regardless of whether you pass or like, you submit a small form telling the app what you liked about their profile and what you disliked, and it uses that information to shape your matches in the future. Your first name isn’t divulged until after your profile is connected to theirs, and once connected, you have 8 days in a chatroom to decide whether to meet or not, and then your chatroom is closed.  There’s also a section of the app in which you can recommend certain individuals to friends that use the app, or can take them for yourself if you don’t like your own matches.  I personally like the app a lot so far.  Tinder tends to make a game out of mass-swiping, and you lose site of your connections.  With Coffee Meets Bagel, you’re encouraged to take your time and get to know each match before making a decision.  I haven’t met any that make my heart go fluttering, but I’ve met some pretty decent guys and made some good friends.  I definitely recommend this app for any sort of relationships in the future.

I really hope these dating app reviews have been helpful for you, and I hope you’ll let me know what has worked for you.  If you’ve found something you like that I haven’t reviewed, send me a shout-out!  I’d be happy to interact with you guys!

– Your Loyal Collegiette