Happy Singles Week!  Thanks for sticking with me as I post my second installment of this series, Advantages of Being Single!



I think the single status is severely underrated.  Being in a relationship is over glorified.  I mean, sure, it’s nice to have a dependable cuddle buddy every once in a while, but freedom is freaking fantastic.  And I’m about to tell you why.

Cash Money

Being in a relationship involves a lot of spending.  After all, it means an extra birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day gift every year.  Although he might buy you dinner every once in a blue moon, or take you to a movie, you’ve spent your fair share in “thoughtful gifts” and date outfits. Think about it: your pockets were a whole lot heavier before he swept you off your feet.  Rack up them cents, single ladies!

Selfish Plans

Maybe selfishness isn’t the world’s greatest quality to aspire to, but it’s perfectly healthy to put yourself first from time-to-time.  When you’re with a significant other, it’s extraordinarily hard to avoid putting yourself on the back burner.  You can’t go shopping with the girls on a whim, without checking in on his schedule.  You can’t go to dinner with the family, because he’s got a soccer game you need to be there for.  Take advantage of guiltless spontaneity.  Ain’t no man holding you back!

Doll Up for What?!

When you’re going out with the boyfriend, there’s so much pressure to look your best.  You want people to see you two together and think, how’d he get so lucky?!  Single status means you can be comfortable in your own skin.  If I want to wear sweats all day long, I’m gonna!  And best of all, when I get dolled up, I get to do it for me; not for anyone else.

Freedom to Flirt

Remember that adrenaline rush that used to come when you got up the nerve to talk to that cute guy at the mall?  The giggle fits of you and girlfriends when you tripped, doing that sassy strut to show off your butt?  When you’re tied down, that flirtatious side of you is limited.  Enjoy it while you can!  Flirting is 70% of the buckets of fun that come with being single.


What do you enjoy most about being single?  Sound off in the comments!

– Your Loyal Collegiette